Here at the Guerrilla Guide to Music Technology I want to make a safe haven for those of us who want to know about the fascinating devices and techniques that make up this diverse area, without making people feel small or stupid for not knowing something. I used to not know stuff until somebody taught me, now I aim to make everything clear without patronising anyone. Nobody knows everything, including me so if you find something wrong or something that you think that everyone could benefit from knowing then please do tell me.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Where was I?

Well Hello there everyone. Sorry about the lack of content recently, I have been a bit busy elsewhere. So do you want to see what I have been doing? Good. I have been building a new website, www.offtheground.net, a place for you to grow your ideas with a community willing to advance and nurture them into working and viable endeavors. We aim to provide options to enable open source style collaboration or a closed system for an idea you want to make a commercial profit form by making use of non disclosure agreements and sub contracting employment contracts which will be available from the site. By doing these things and by bringing the right people together we hope to help you make your ideas flourish and eventually get them off the ground. So now I've got that up and running I will be able to get some more articles done for this place. I hope you check out offtheground.net and sign up, we need you.

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